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Board Meeting Minutes – 10/7/2014


Crossings at Riverwalk Homeowners Board of Directors Meeting

A meeting of the Board of Directors was held October 7, 2014 at the home of Steven Burns. Those in attendance were Eric Brody from CMG, Helen Higgins, Pat Shillinglaw, Steven Burns and Maria Orona.

The first order of business was that residents are continuing to violate covenant by leaving items in their yards and driveways. Eric Brody will send violations letters to each resident.

Many of the front doors will soon need to be painted. Since no one has the colors originally used, color samples will be secured and available to tenants as the need arises.

All the shrubs had to be removed from 105 so it was decided to have the soil tested before planting any replacement shrubs.

There has been no response from four of the five homeowners who are severely behind on their Homeowners Association dues to the lien letters sent in August. The Board has directed the management company to proceed with foreclosure. It is the hope that the home owners will come forward to satisfy their debt.

Eric presented the 3rd quarter actual budget. There were some questions concerning the cable company expenses. Eric will check on this and report back at next meeting. A discussion followed concerning an increase in HOA dues. In approximately 7 years new roofs will be required for all units. At the present rate, it will require a large assessment to cover this expense. If the HOA dues are increased now, it will negate, hopefully, this assessment for homeowners. An increase to $130 per month was proposed by the Board. This will be voted on at our next general homeowners meeting.

It was approved to have the President of the Board and the Vice-President to have their signatures at the bank for our certificates of deposit.
The repairs for water damage to units 227 and 113 were approved.

Eric presented 2 estimates for pressure washing the units in 2015. Before approving either, Eric will check to see if this includes cleaning the gutters. If not, what additional cost will be incurred.

The general meeting for all homeowners will be held in January, 2015. A budget will be prepared to distribute at this time. All will be notified by email and mail. A newsletter was discussed and Maria volunteered to prepare one.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for December 9th at Steven Burn’s home at 7:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Shillinglaw, Secretary

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