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Board Meeting Minutes – 12/9/2014


Crossings at Riverwalk Board Meeting

A meeting of the Board of Directors was held December 7, 2014 at the home of Steven Burns. Ashley Miller from Cedar management Group was introduced as our new coordinator. Others in attendance were Steven Burns, Maria Orona, Helen Higgens and Pat Shillinglaw.

The first order of business was determining the schedule of Board meeting to comply with our contract. According to Ashley, meetings should be held quarterly so we will be in compliance. Drive-by inspections are to be scheduled monthly. There were none in November but will be in December. From the last inspection a list of infractions was provided. Most had been taken care of. Residents will be contacted if any infractions are noted. The coupon mailing was sent inadvertently as we need to wait until our general meeting in January.

Ashley presented a balance sheet as well as a Revenues and Expense statement. These will be presented at our general meeting. She also provided budgets for 2014 and proposed for 2015. This, too, will be discussed at the annual meeting.

Liens have been filed on 4 properties and are legally binding. The next step will be foreclosure proceedings. A discussion followed to determine the responsibility of homeowner and the HOA in the event of a foreclosure. The HOA must pay any fees due upfront and if past dues are collected, the HOA will be reimbursed in addition to the dues.

The landscaping contract is up for renewal. The Management Company will entertain at least 3 bids for future landscaping. Ashley will provide specifics to be included in the bids.

Pressure washing for all buildings is scheduled for 2015. Again, bids will be accepted.

The Board received 2 requests for painting inside the units. They were requested due to water leaks. The bylaws were checked and the requests were discussed with Ashley as to what is the responsibility of the HOA. It was determined that unless there was structural damage, that inside painting would be the responsibility of the homeowner.

The question was asked if the HOA was legally responsible for providing cable to homeowners who are not paying their dues. Ashley is to research this and respond to the Board.

The electricity at the entrance is not working. An electrician will be sent out to repair. Helen Higgens will provide wreaths to be placed on the wall as decoration for the season. The Board thanked Helen for her interest in making the Crossings at Riverwalk more beautiful.

The annual homeowners meeting will be January 20, 2015 at 6:30 PM at the Jamestown Library. All homeowners are urged to attend. If not able to attend, please make sure proxies are completed. There will be some Board vacancies as well as other business so voting is important.

Respectfully submitted,
Pat Shillinglaw, Secretary

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