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Board Meeting Minutes – 3/5/2015


The first board meeting for 2015 was held on Thursday, March 5th. All members were in attendance. The board elected its officers as follows:

  • President – Steven Burns
  • Vice President – Maria Ines Oroña
  • Treasure – Eric Ingram
  • Secretary – Helen Higgins
  • Jack of al Trades – Ken Trager

Communications still remain difficult, particularly with geographic disparity. It was decided that any emails that required immediate attention would be prefaced with Urgent in the subject line. The president, will serve as the point of contact with CMG for those instances. Additionally if we will be out of pocket, we will email the other board members so that emergencies can be covered. If the president is unavailable, the vice-president will serve as the point of contact.

A number of contracts and bids were reviewed. It was unanimously decided, based on rates and recommendations/references that the following would be contracted:

  • Landscaping: Rivera’s Lawn Service – A 6-month contract starting on May 15, 2015.
  • Pressure Washing: Welch Pressure Washing – Washing to commence in late May – Early June after the pollen season. Flyers and email notifications to go out notifying home owners and renters
  • Tree Care: Bill’s Tree Service

Financials were reviewed. We are in good shape. We are particularly pleased that one owner’s delinquency has been entirely paid thanks to the lien that was placed last year. Three of the remaining have contacted CMG and are actively making payments on a payment plan. The fourth home that is facing foreclosure has contacted CMG to set up a repayment schedule.

The board adopted a delinquency policy (to be made available on our website later this month). This will make the progress of keeping up with folks who miss dues payments far more automatic and easier.

The board discussed the need for an Architectural Approval form. For right now, we will use one that CMG will provide.

Then next meeting was set for Thursday, June 4th.

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