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Board Meeting Minutes – 6/11/2015


The Board meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm, June 11, 2015. In attendance were

  • Ashley Miller from Cedars Management Group
  • Steve Burns
  • Eric Ingram
  • Maria Orona
  • Ken Trager
  • Helen Higgins.

Ashley Miller began the meeting with a detailed report of the financials which included a Balance Sheet, Receivables and a Revenues and Expense Statement. To date we have made great progress and would like to thank all those who have caught up with their delinquent HOA dues, and those still making a sincere effort by making agreed upon monthly payments.

We then discussed our new lawn maintenance company and all agreed that we are satisfied with the quality of work being done to our lawns. This work is being done at a substantial reduction from our previous company. Our contract also includes:

  • one application of pine needles
  • the removing of tree suckers
  • dead wood and weeding

The recent pressure washing was a success, even with the delay in completion. We do apologize if this delay caused any inconvenience.

Cedar Management has begun the process of obtaining quotes to add a water sprinkler system to the front entrance, which will be replanted once that system is in place. We are also receiving quotes on either refurbishing or replacing the fountain. It had been determined that the present fountain is leaning, causing the water to be dispersed erratically and/or not at all.

Our parking situation is and always has been a topic of discussion. We continue to encourage the community to use their garages and drive-ways first, saving the parking spaces for your neighbors who do not have a garage or driveway to use. Please consider helping your neighbors keep their cars off the street. We discourage on street parking if at all possible. Cars parked on the street are both a safety hazard and an unattractive addition to our community.

We would like to remind everyone that before making any changes to the exterior of your unit, ie: porch, deck, brick work etc, there is an ARC form that must be completed and approved. Please contact Cedar Management for this form.

The subject of recent crime in our neighborhood was brought up.  We ask all of our neighbors to be aware and to take note of people loitering around our homes and cars. We will be discussing a Neighborhood Crime Watch.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM. The next meeting is scheduled for September 22, at 7:00.

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