Crossings at the River Walk HOA

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Board Members

Board of Directors

The current board members bring varied backgrounds to the table.  Helen, and Maria were elected at the June  2014 annual HOA meeting.  Eric, Ken and Steven were elected at the January 2015 HOA meeting .  All roles were designated at the March 2015 board meeting.

Steven Burns, President

Steven has been a property owner since February of 2004.  He has been a member of the board for several years. A musician, he makes his living working with computers. He has been a teacher, the owner of a computer training company, computer programmer, network architect, database developer, and project manager.

Maria Ines Orona, Vice President

Maria has been a property owner since December 2011. She joined the board of directors in June 2014. Maria is an Elementary teacher with a Master’s Degree in Special Education. She is married to Pablo, a Chemical Engineer who works for a medical group in High Point, NC. They have two little kids, Santiago and Sofia.

Eric Ingram, Treasurer

Eric and his wife have been property owners since July 2010. Eric was elected to the board of directors in January 2015. Eric is an Active Duty United States Marine with 24 years of dedicated service, he holds a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Management and has served on assignments in and out of the United States.

Helen Higgins, Secretary

My husband and I moved to Jamestown in March 2013 from New Hampshire.  I have worked closely with Ed for 40 years in the furniture industry as well as working in health care.  We love NC and hope to make Channel Cove Court our home for many years to come.  That is why the well being of The Crossings at River Walk is a priority to me and I hope to help make this a happy, healthy neighborhood we are all proud of.

Ken Trager, Jack of all Trades

I have been a property owner since May of 2005.  I am a retired high school Social Studies Teacher which was my profession for 36 years.  Moved here from Syracuse, N.Y., now live at Lake Jeanette in Greensboro, N.C.  Volunteer work has included: N.C. Zoo, the Civil Rights Museum, the Greensboro Historical Museum, Reading Connections and the Greensboro Science Center.  My wife Shirley is a retired 8th grade English teacher.  I have two daughters: Erin is an interior design consultant in San Diego; and Sarah owns a tea shop on State Street in Greensboro. It is good to be back on the Board.