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HOA Annual Meeting Minutes – January 20, 2015


Crossings at Riverwalk Association, Inc.
2015 Annual Homeowner’s Meeting
January 20, 2015

The meeting was called to order by Steve Burns, Board President. Ashley Miller from Cedar Management Group was introduced.

A copy of the projected budget was distributed to the Homeowners. The proposed budget was based on a dues increase to $130 per month. Due to not having the required number of homeowners to vote, the increase will only be 10% and be effective March 1, 2015. Pat Ray asked why the proposed increase to $130. Steve Burns explained that when new roofs are needed there will not be sufficient monies available in reserve, therefore; all homeowners will need to be assessed to cover the cost.

Ken Trager asked how often landscaping contracts were renewed. They are renewed yearly and up for bid presently. Ken asked if we could obtain other bids and was informed there have been no other submissions than from our current landscaping service.

Eric Ingram expressed concern in reference to communication from homeowner to Cedar Management to Board of Directors. He stated he had water damage in his home and it took 75 days for a response while the damage continued. While this was an unfortunate situation, the Board will take steps to remedy this situation. Everyone was encouraged to alert Cedar or a Board member of any e-mail changes.

Liens and foreclosures have been placed against 5 homeowners. Ashley Miller explained process for each. A time frame was requested but Ashley explained a foreclosure is case specific so each one can be different.
It is time for pressure washing of the units. Bids are currently being requested. The same is true for trees that will need to be pruned back from the edges of the units.

The visitor parking sign is in process of being removed.
Eric Ingram asked if there was any possibility of adding additional parking. This has previously been discussed with no solution.

There are 3 Board vacancies. Nominees were Steve Burns, Eric Ingram and Ken Trager. All 3 were elected.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Pat Shillinglaw, Secretary

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